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The way to connect, the to grow, the way to work!

Henry Ford revolutionized an industry with innovation and dream of making the automobile affordable for the general public.

He had a vision for a new process for building cars. His vision was ground breaking, but extremely simple. “Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.”

We are in the midst of an ever emerging dental revolution. Those who see this path and act will be greatly rewarded. It’s time to break our dental “cottage industry” roots and embrace the rewards of working together.

Centergistix represents this opportunity for dental implant teams wanting to distinguish their presence in the marketplace!

Centergistix allows you to work with Dr’s and patients using simple web based tools. No more looking for lost numbers or papers you can’t find … with Centergistix all your information lives on the world wide web. One click … your there!

Save time … save money … be more efficient. The tools you’ll find on Centergistix will help you be more efficient and your office will begin to work in ways you have never thought possible.

You’ll make more money. You’ll find increased referrals. Your patient acceptance rate will sky rocket. Your patient experience will be so much better.

We believe Centergistix is the way to work. Use Centergistix every day!
• treatment plan like never before
• order implant components in a timely manner
• coordinate procedures
• communicate externally with your dental team
• communicate internally with your office staff
• communicate with patients

Our goal is to keep everyone moving in the same direction and ultimately help produce amazing results for your patients.

“Centergistix encompasses everything, I have learned about providing comprehensive care.” “I’ truly believe that Centergistix is a revolutionary tool that has the potential to change the way we practice dentistry.” Dr. Thomas Dawson

The fine print Your office + Centergistix = Happy Patients … Happy patients bring more patients who will some day be happy patients and bring other patients who are needing to be happy. Trust us 🙂 You know you are laughing right now … if you’re not at least smiling the you need a break. If you use CG you will make more money and take longer more extravagant vacations! … extravagant vacations lead to happy doctors who make unhappy patients happy. #boom #titeltaxandlicensearefinal