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How Digital Dental Ecosystems Are Changing Our World

There is so much noise surrounding the dental practice today.   “Digital” this and “milling” that, going paperless, HIPAA compliance, 3D imaging, and virtual models are just a few of the buzzwords showing up in our dental publications lately. Do you find yourself frustrated trying to keep up? Do you sometimes feel like the world is passing you by? Everything these days costs so much! What equipment is worth investing in to keep your practice up to date? Let me attempt to...

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Welcome to the New Normal

Feeling just a little frustrated and uncertain these days? We are living in an environment of rapid change. The pace of life is at warp speed. We live each day in the tension of social, political, and moral questions and things just don’t seem right. Survival instincts surface as we seem paralyzed to make the right decisions for ourselves, our families and our customers. When is the world going to slow down? Welcome to the new normal! Finding that moment of peace or clarity is hard to come...

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The Relational Practice

Much has been said in the past about the importance of knowing our patients. All manner of programs have been designed, scripts developed and methods taught on how to bring new patients to the practice. I doubt these techniques have produced lasting success. Out of frustration, we look in all the usual places like a new office, a different staff, or providing the latest technology and we still wonder why they don’t come. Discovering the heart of your practice is hard work! True...

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